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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Integrating Iron and Pearl: Music for the Points

The Iron and Pearl Pentacles are core tools in Feri, and with my current students (I'm co-teaching a distance Feri and Reclaiming course) we are working through the Iron and Pearl at the beginning of their training, which should take roughly eighteen months. 

The reason why we begin with Iron and Pearl is mainly because we want our students to have a strong ethical foundation in the Craft before we introduce them to the Guardians and begin Divine Twins work. 

Given the importance of these two Pentacles to Feri Witches, I'm always looking for ways to further integrate their potent energies into my life. I will discuss other ways of running Iron and Pearl in other posts, but I'd like to give you some ideas for using different types of music to bring the Points to bear. Please feel free to experiment with types of music that evoke these Points for you. 

Sex - 60's guitar music, think Jimi Hendrix or Carlos Santana
Self - Any type of wind instrument, or violins. Classical music is great for Self. 
Passion - Flamenco or "gypsy" music 
Pride - Gospel music (Heather Small's "Proud" is an obvious choice!)
Power - anything with a heavy bass, dubstep works quite well. 

Love - love songs!! I'm a fan of Stevie Nicks for this Point
Knowledge - Gregorian chants 
Wisdom - new age/nature music
Law - jazz fits well here
Power - Choir music, or big band/orchestras 

A fun project might be to create playlists on iTunes or spotify for each Point so that you can add songs as they come to you. 

Let me know how you get on!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Seven-fold Feri Practice - An update

Refining one's philosophy and attitude toward spirituality is an ongoing practice. I have written before on how I structure both my daily practice and my wider practice as a Feri Witch. 

The Guardians of our Tradition are the true teachers and initiators. All that we know comes from these great beings, who preside over the realms of the elements of life. For example, the Guardian of the East guards all that belongs to that direction, which is not solely limited to the classical element of Air. 

With this in mind, here is how I currently structure my daily practice and wider practice, what I term the "inner" and "outer" paths.  

Inner Paths (daily practice)

Centre - Connection to God Her(self)
East - Prayer and intention for the day
South - Run the Points for that day
West - Soul alignment and purification
North - Sitting practice 
Above - Divination practice 
Below - Inspirational reading 
Circumference - Gratitude and blessings 

Outer Paths (wider practice)

Centre - Path of Devotion
East - Path of Spellwork 
South - Path of the Pentacles
West - Path of the Soul
North - Path of the Body
Above - Path of Gnosis
Below - Path of Art

Each of the paths, and the inner and outer expression of each, is a space that can contain various specific practices. As long as I am attempting to walk along each of these paths in some way, I feel I am living an integrated practice. It is useful for me to see which path I am neglecting, and those I find easy. I imagine this structure and mapping will evolve as my practice evolves, but hopefully you will find this contribution useful. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Lenormand in Spellwork

The Lenormand cards are a wonderfully objective and straight-forward divination tool, full of practical hands-on wisdom. 

Here is a working list of how the cards could be used in planning various spells/rootwork. This is a working list and definitely adaptable! 

1. Rider - attraction magic 
2. Clover - good luck magic
3. Ship - bath/wash 
4. House - home as focus of deployment
5. Tree - ancestor work/healing
6. Clouds - confusion work
7. Snake - sneaky deployment 
8. Coffin - burying/coffin spell
9. Bouquet - involve flowers 
10. Scythe - cut and clear 
11. Whip - tie the tongue/stop gossip
12. Birds - chanting/singing 
13. Child - poppet magic
14. Fox - communication work
15. Bear - power/mastery 
16. Stars - astrology 
17. Stork - wish bird/elementals 
18. Dog - faithfulness magic 
19. Tower - bring in guides/spirits
20. Garden - strong herbal focus 
21. Mountain - stones/crystals 
22. Crossroad - crossroads/road opener
23. Mice - banishing magic 
24. Heart - root the magic in love
25. Ring - binding spells 
26. Book - using psalms/prayer
27. Letter - petition magic 
28. Man - figure candle/fluids
29. Woman - figure candle/fluids
30. Lily - sex magic
31. Sun - success magic
32. Moon - glamour magic 
33. Key - unblocking/key magic
34. Fish - offerings 
35. Anchor - talismans/mojo hands
36. Cross - crossing/uncrossing

Let me know your thoughts!