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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bracketing My Day

I have often thought that my daily practice should be a once-a-day affair, like breakfast or going to the gym. However, that didn't fit energetically with what my soul was craving. I've come to realise that by doing it once a day, it's almost like throwing an energetic ball into the day with no hand to catch it. The trajectory is there, but with no time for reflection or receptivity. What I need is 'brackets'.

Consider: by starting the day with my morning practice I am aligning my soul, making sure I have made kala and sat with myself compassionately. This allows me to function better throughout my day, interacting on a deeper level with both the limitless and the specific. This, I welcome. My morning practice gives me an opportunity to deepen and hone the relationships I have with my Gods, my Ancestors and my own divinity. However, this is only half of the circle, the opening bracket of my day (

What I need is a closing bracket, the embrace of an evening, just before sleep. I need a moment of receptivity, of quiet communion, of winding down. While my morning practice is energetically charged, my evening practice is softer. Whereas my morning devotions set me up for the day and connect me with the Feri current and our Gods, my evening practice is more self-loving. I intone. I pray. I do mudras. This is the closing bracket, just before sleep )

And so, if I begin and end my day with practice, all in between is sanctified. My life is more holy. My waking day is blessed by my attention to practice, by my devotion to my Gods as well as myself. The brackets form the circle of God Herself, in which I am enfolded. ()