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Monday, 1 April 2013

Spell Checking for April Fool's

Today is April 1st. In the UK, this is known as April Fool's Day. I love the idea of the Fool in the tarot representing the Witch. We stand on a cliff, about to cast our spell, trusting that the outcome will be positive. I am a firm believer in planning and being a bit more scientific when it comes to magical practice. To that end, before doing any spellwork, careful planning with divination is necessary. 

Here is a process I have devised using a combination of tools to give an overview of a spell working. 

You will need:

-      Set of obi or dice (basically, any yes/no type oracle)
-      Deck of playing cards
-      Deck of Tarot cards or set of runes
-      Deck of Lenormand cards

1.     Using the obi or dice, find out if your spell working is justified. If you get a positive outcome, proceed to the next step.  If you don’t, rephrase the desire, or change the intention of the spell until you get a positive outcome.

2.     Lay out the tarot cards or runes (the large ones) in the numbered order shown in the picture. The spread shows the following:

1.     Your current situation
2.     Your underlying motivation for change
3.     What you are working towards
4.     What can be ‘cut’ or cleared from your life
5.     What can be changed or attracted into your life

3.     For the parts that show what can be cut and attracted into your life, (4 and 5), these can refer to mundane or magical actions – use your judgment to ascertain what and how. Add extra tarot cards to clarify these.

4.     To clarify timing, number of candles etc, use the playing cards over positions 4 and 5. Questions regarding number of ingredients can be used just using the number of the playing card. In terms of timing (how often the spell/bath should be repeated etc) use the following:

§       The number of the card shows how many days the spell should be cast
§       The suits show when the spell should be cast:
·      Spades – Between midnight and sunrise
·      Clubs – Between sunrise and noon
·      Hearts – Between noon and sunset
·      Diamonds – between sunset midnight

5.     Lay out the five Lenormand cards in the order given. This gives a clue as to the outcome of the spell over the five elemental parts of your life (mental, energetic, emotional, physical, spiritual). It can also be used to tell a narrative of the outcome of your spell. 

6.     Once you have gained all the information, ask if there is any more information using the obi or dice. If there isn’t any more information, close the reading. If there is other information, draw another card and question the obi again. Repeat until the obi indicates there is no more information given. 

Happy divining and spell casting!