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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Running the Pentacles

Victor passed on two Pentacles in his Feri teaching that have also been used in its offshoot, Reclaiming: the Iron and Pearl. These Pentacles are considered core tools of both Feri and Reclaiming and I believe their main use is to bring us into right relationship with ourselves (Iron) and the world (Pearl).

Now, there are dozens of ways to work the Pentacles and to strive to be "on the Points" but I would like to offer an exercise I have developed which emphasises the unity of the Points as they are channeled and held in the body.

Before the exercise, I would like to offer a brief exposition on how I view the Points. For me, the core energies of the Iron and Pearl are Sex and Love, with the other four points flowing out of and into these topmost Points. The other four are almost like extensions, extrapolations, or supporters of the core energies of Sex and Love, which are the soul and substance of God Herself.

1. Connect with the energies of Sex by placing your hands into your groin area (or whatever other part of your body you associate with Sex).

2. Visualise the Iron's Sex energy flowing down from the stars, through your crown and down into the centre of the earth, while it simultaneously flows up from the core of the earth, through your body and up to the stars. Say "Sex" until this is flowing clean and strong through you.

3. Visualise some energy flowing from this central Sex channel to your left hand side, forming a crackling red ball of energy. Name this ball of energy "Self".

4. Repeat this with the other points, with Passion behind you, Pride to your right and Power before you.

5. Once you have the four strong stars around you and a nicely flowing central channel, bring the four stars and the channel into your body so it settles in your blood, releasing any excess back into the earth.

6. Repeat this procedure with the Pearl Pentacle, but place your hands on your heart to connect with Love. The energy should run a pearlescent white. And, rather than letting the Pearl energy settle into you after you have run the Points, send it out to the world as a blessing.

NB As a variation, you can run the Pearl directly "over" the Iron and then blend them together to form a copper channel, in reference to the copper decagram.

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