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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Planetary Seals

After reading a post by my good friend Paolo over at the Rose of Jericho blog on the use of seals in hoodoo and conjure, my interest was piqued. I have often been fascinated by intricate seals found in old grimoires, but I (incorrectly) assumed I would have to go through a process akin to the Abramelin Work for them to have any juice.

So, Paolo's post was refreshing. I duly bought the Key of Solomon (edited and translated by McGregor Matthews) and went through the different seals. Now...these are planetary seals, which do indeed deal with the "spirits" of the planets. However, in my mind, they provide a key to a specific vibration of planetary energy. If you want to call that a spirit, that's fine.

I have been having some health problems with my stomach, so I found the second Pentacle of Mars, which is used against "all disease". I copied it out in red ink on green paper, while chanting the appropriate versicle. Once I'd finished, I did a name paper on the back and dressed it in Healing Oil (in a five-spot or quincunx). I then affixed a dressed blue candle in the centre of the seal, lit it and chanted the versicle again before binding the spell and letting it do its work.

A day later, and my stomach problem has all but gone.

Seals...wonderful stuff.

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