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Monday, 23 August 2010

My Spiritual Practice

I try to change my spiritual practice every couple of months so that it doesn't become stale or merely force of habit. By changing my practice, I can focus on why I am doing each rite and its significance to my journey within Feri.

Having had conversations recently regarding the Pentacles, and how they can be a portal, I have decided to experiment by using the Pentacles as gateways before each associated rite. For me, the Four Pentacles correspond to the Four Parts of us. Our parts have associated core practices, as you will see below. So, here is my newly improved daily practice:
  1. Star Goddess Prayer
  2. Prayer of Practice
  3. Elemental Pentacle
  4. Prayer to the Ancestors
  5. Prayer to the Guardians
  6. Iron Pentacle
  7. Prayer to Nimue and Dian y Glas
  8. Ha Prayer and Flower Prayer
  9. Pearl Pentacle
  10. Prayer to Mari and Krom
  11. Kala
  12. Personal Pentacle
  13. Prayer to Ana and Arddhu
  14. Sitting Practice
  15. Self Love Rite
  16. Dedicating the Merit
  17. Prayer of Thanks
Did I miss anything?

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