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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Seven-fold Feri Practice - An update

Refining one's philosophy and attitude toward spirituality is an ongoing practice. I have written before on how I structure both my daily practice and my wider practice as a Feri Witch. 

The Guardians of our Tradition are the true teachers and initiators. All that we know comes from these great beings, who preside over the realms of the elements of life. For example, the Guardian of the East guards all that belongs to that direction, which is not solely limited to the classical element of Air. 

With this in mind, here is how I currently structure my daily practice and wider practice, what I term the "inner" and "outer" paths.  

Inner Paths (daily practice)

Centre - Connection to God Her(self)
East - Prayer and intention for the day
South - Run the Points for that day
West - Soul alignment and purification
North - Sitting practice 
Above - Divination practice 
Below - Inspirational reading 
Circumference - Gratitude and blessings 

Outer Paths (wider practice)

Centre - Path of Devotion
East - Path of Spellwork 
South - Path of the Pentacles
West - Path of the Soul
North - Path of the Body
Above - Path of Gnosis
Below - Path of Art

Each of the paths, and the inner and outer expression of each, is a space that can contain various specific practices. As long as I am attempting to walk along each of these paths in some way, I feel I am living an integrated practice. It is useful for me to see which path I am neglecting, and those I find easy. I imagine this structure and mapping will evolve as my practice evolves, but hopefully you will find this contribution useful. 

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