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Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Move to London

Well, I've finally arrived in London. The journey (as ever) took longer than expected so me and my friend didn't manage to explore the city or go for a reward meal as planned. Sigh.
Nevertheless, I am here now and although I am surrounded by a sea of boxes and clothes, I am pretty excited. My housemates seem fun (very international) and welcoming. My room isn't the biggest room in the world, but it'll serve it's purposes!

The main problem is that there is not enough room for my multitude of shrines! In the old flat I had my main working altar, my ancestor shrine, a Blue God shrine, a small shrine for Ellegua near the door, a shrine to Chango and an altar for the Divine Twins. That's a helluva lot of stuff! I think I'll have to be creative in this small room...

I decided that the first shrine to be placed in my room is my Ancestor shrine. Rather than having it in the bathroom as usual (which was inspired by Santeria practice) I have placed my Ancestors on my window sill. They seem pretty happy there. It's fitting that my Ancestor shrine is the first to go up today, given that it's my mother's birthday (may she rest in the bosom of the Star Goddess). 

We shall have to see how this London journey develops! There are a lot more opportunities for me to connect with the Feri-Reclaiming community down here, as well as increasing my interest in Santeria. I've heard that there are several Babalawos around London, and I would love to get a reading to determine my crowning Orisha, although I have a pretty good idea who that is anyway....

So, I am going to get a shower and head off out to meet some long-lost friends of mine. I hope you enjoy this new blog. The old one felt stale...Shalom! 

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